Every year a team of full-time Officers are elected by the student body to represent and guide the Students’ Union.

the Officers work together with a team of dedicated part-time Officers, staff and volunteers to run campaigns and make sure you get the most out of your education and student experience.


hey, i’m Mish

As SU President, I lead the Full-time Officer team at USWSU and am responsible for ensuring the student voice is heard at a university, local and national level by lobbying and campaigning.

I decided to stand for President as I had previously been involved with the SU as a Course Rep and Student Voice Representative (SVR). I really enjoy the social and networking aspect of the SU; it brings students together, regardless of their background.

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hello! i’m Shannon

As Welfare Officer I ensure students are represented on matters relating to mental health, wellbeing, and equality and diversity.

My favourite thing about the SU is Change Week as it gives students the opportunity to directly influence change within the University.

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shwmae! I’M LOIS

As Education Officer, I make sure that students get an amazing degree and work closely with Course Reps and SVRs to ensure the student voice is heard.

The opportunities available to meet new people during Freshers’ are once in a lifetime and I can’t wait to be involved in creating those experiences for you all.

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As Activities Officer, I champion the student voice for teams, clubs, and societies. I supports and facilitate fundraising and volunteering opportunities and actively encourage student engagement in activities. Ask me about how you can set-up your own club or society!

My favourite thing about the SU is how welcoming everyone is. The number of times I came into the SU as a student to speak to one person about something and ended up staying for an hour having spoken to several other people. It’s definitely a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the office, which instantly makes you feel at ease.

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